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Convenient Language Method

Convenient Language Method

Phương pháp ngôn ngữ thuận tiện

A parent ask his child: “Where is the bucket?” Answer first child: “It was easy to find the bucket, it is here!” ... [Read more]

Người bố hỏi đứa con của mình: "Cái xô ở đâu?" Người con cả trả lời: "Bố ơi, cái xô ở đây ạ!" ... [Read more]

Presenting & Promoting

Presenting & Promoting

Triển lãm & Quảng Bá

In 1994 the famous “Rijks Museum” from Amsterdam asked Roby Bellemans for advice how to make the museum more friendly to visitors ... [Read more]

“Vietnam Cultural Exchange”


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PQ Art Gallery

Tranh tường, Tranh sơn dầu, Body Painting, Thư Pháp, ...

Wall painting, Oil pantings, Body Painting, Callygraphy,...

Bông & Pancake

Nghệ thuật cho bé

Art For Children